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The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company Who Can Store Your Belongings Short Term 
27 Mar

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company Who Can Store Your Belongings Short Term 

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Storage Boxes

The more complications you add on to a move, the more costly, stressful and difficult it can be to pull off successfully. Hiring a full-service moving company takes a lot of those question marks off your hands. Short-term and long-term storage options tied with moving services can meet the needs of a variety of circumstances.

Relocations, lease gaps, renovations, and short move notices are just a few of the situations that we can take some stress off from.

One Single Contact vs. Multiple Companies

Logistics gets more complicated the smaller the time crunch becomes. Coordinating between multiple companies and payment arrangements can be simplified by choosing one company to handle both moving and storage. Estimates are done by a single company and policies will be consistent.

Insured and Secured

Storage with professional moving companies carries many of the same benefits as hiring a moving company to begin with. Insurance and peace of mind that professionals are taking care of your possessions counts with both professional moving and storage solutions.

Able to Move While Physically Somewhere Else

If your schedule requires you to be at a different location when the move dates occur, hiring our professional movers that can store and transport for you makes sense.

Some companies provide storage with national affiliates or secure storage in a warehouse or truck yard. Either way, you are protected and covered and don’t have to worry about unpacking, repacking or being in two places at once.

Simplified Billing

It also simplifies billing and can bundle services for discounted prices compared to paying a premium to several companies to get the task done. It is convenient and takes a level of complexity away from being reimbursed during relocation benefit payment.

Some moving companies don’t allow you to specify a drop-point that is a storage facility and have restrictions by policy on how they will sign off on delivery. Combining services lets you keep track of one single contract, estimate and timeline.

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